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Bruynzeel Colored Pencils are BACK in the USA!

Bruynzeel is a favorite pencil among colored pencil artists, and are especially dear to the heart of some of the best Botanical Artists! They are made in a charming town in the southern part of the Netherlands, and both the dry colored pencils and the aquarel (water soluble) colored pencils come in 50 colors, including beautiful box-sets of 48 colors each. Bruynzeels are creamy smooth, cover well, and have a slim wonderful feel to them. Their sets are intelligently designed, coming in charming sturdy boxes with slide out drawers. Yet they are very affordable! Click HERE to learn more and see more photos!

Caran d'Ache's new Museum Aquarelle pencils have arrived! The magic I first discovered with Caran d'Ache water-soluble pencils way back in 1986 has been reborn, with these 76 gorgeous 100% water soluble highly lightfast colors! As nice as they go on dry, they simply make you gasp with how they brighten even more and come alive with water. These come in 4 assortments. Click HERE to read more, and see our Museum Aquarelle color chart HERE!  I think these will have watercolor artists and colored pencil artists both turning cartwheels once they try them. Caran d'Ache created the FIRST water-soluble colored pencil back in 1931, and prove with the Museum line that they are still leaders in water-soluble art supplies. Honestly, I wanted to run a tub of water and bathe in some of these juicy colors! But alas, I only have one pencil each!

Grace Ireland Cowling's "Niagara Glory"

is 9 x 12" on black Letramax

After careful transfer of the drawing she used Conte pastel pencils to establish colour and shapes, a sort of reverse grisaille; then a quick spray with workable fixative. 

Prismacolor pencils were faithful friends to the finish.

Kristy Kutch was one of the first to try the new Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle pencils, and did this gorgeous painting, called Sunny Splendor, entirely with them.

I asked Kristy what she thought of the pencils, and she replied "I've tried them and they're wonderful! They just drip with rich color because they're so highly-pigmented. An important thing to remember is that they're more staining and permanent, which is great for layering glazes, even with complementary colors- less chance of muddying up the layers by accidentally mingling the complements."

Ren Faire was done by Jim Butler, on Crescent Watercolor board using Derwent watercolor pencils. It is a combination of wet and dry techniques.

The amazing Kristy Kutch has completed her new Colored Pencil book,  The New Colored Pencil, due to be released by Watson-Guptill Publications in May, 2014. See our market for a link to the book! We can't wait to see it! She even discusses the new Museum Aquarelle pencils. Here is what amazon has to say:

Popular colored pencil artist and teacher Kristy Kutch guides readers through the myriad new developments in colored pencil materials, techniques, and practices, focusing on traditional, wax, and water-soluble colored pencils. Also included is information on wax pastels [like Neocolors]—the first time that such crayon-like products have been prominently featured in a book. With lessons in color theory, combining color media, creating and enhancing textures, and experimenting with new surfaces, the guide culminates in a number of demonstrations to round out this book as a complete resource. Vibrant illustrations by an array of contemporary colored pencil artists expose the vast, radiant possibilities of this medium today.

We LOVE these bright colorful fish created by Stacey Crummett. They are Mandarin Fish, and are native to the Philippines and Australia. These fish were simply born to be painted with colored pencils, with their bright, colorful features! Check the Gallery to see more of Stacey's work.

Hydrangea Blues, the painting above, was done by Colored Pencil Artist, Author, and Teacher Kristy Kutch.  Kristy is an expert at all colored pencil techniques- using traditional pencils, pencils with solvents, and watercolor pencils. She also uses Neocolor II's and NeoArts, as well as Museum Leads by Caran d'Ache.

Sabboth Study, the painting to the left, was done by Colored Pencil Artist Sheri Doty. She has been using Prismacolors for her award winning work since 1979.

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Prismacolor set of 150 !

Pictures of the set HERE

Koh-I-Noor lead sets and the Caran d'Ache Museum lead sets!

Take a look at our Pencil Sharpener article!

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